Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to Daddy's School

Last weekend was daddy's school reunion. It was very very hot, especially under the tent at the barbecue. The kid's play area was especially especially hot.

Playing in the oatmeal at the reunion bbq
I am mixing up the oatmeal in the wading pool

It was so hot we went outside to cool down! The Science Center fountain was nice and cool.

Running away from the cold water
Yay! Who needs a swimsuit?

Playing in the sprinklers
At least I didn't get all wet like the girl behind me. Her mother is wringing the water out of her body.

Afterwards it was time for contemplation in the cool AC of the Science Center.

Sitting on the stairs in the Science Center
Sitting on the stairs to the physics classrooms

On the second floor there was a big collection of old science equipment. I liked playing with all the knobs and switches. I hope they weren't set for anything, because they're not anymore!

Jungle taking over something else
Jungle taking over the equipment

Look at this big tree. Do not look at what I am doing.
Daddy was impressed by this big potted tree. Do not look at what I am doing.

Owen climbing on old physics equipment
Can I pull off these switches?

Jungle growing over retired oscilloscopes
More jungly oscilloscopes

Sunday was more reunion time. We went to the Natural History Museum then sweated it out in the farewell brunch. It was too hot too take more pictures. At least I had some more of the forbidden fluid, orange juice this time! I like Daddy's school!

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