Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sabado en San Francisco

Saturday was a big big day. It was Aunty Thida's wedding but that wasn't until later. I got up early again, although not quite as early as yesterday.

Because it was Saturday everything was closed except McDonalds, where we ate breakfast. Then we got to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market. McDonalds turned out to be a big mistake.

Looking at lobstahs
Because they had lobstahs!

Assorted gorgeous produce
And other shockingly beautiful fruits and veggies

Giant heirloom tomatoes the size of grapefruit
And giant heirloom tomatoes the size of mangoes

Farmer's market chickens
Fresh chickens with the feet still on them

Red onions
And red onions

We could have eaten breakfast at the food stalls too! Too bad. In any case, we had lots of peaches and plums and all kinds of samples and bought some fruit and cheese for later.

Watching the drummer
When we left there was a fun drummer outside

F line
Then we took this trolley to the sea lion pier

Sea lions barking
They were really noisy. I told daddy they were saying, "I want to eat food!"

In the tunnel
Later we went to the aquarium. Not as fun as my one in Boston, but they had this neat tunnel.

School of anchovies
And a school of anchovies

Another diver
We had to stay and see my favorite part of the aquarium, the mask diver

After napping on the walk back to the hotel, it was time for the wedding!

Window seat please
A window seat

Mingling during cocktail hour
Mingling with baby Emma during the cocktail hour

I like this lamb lollipop
The food was awesome. Like this lamb lollipop.

My parasol
It was a fun party!

Another day, another fun fun time!

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thida said...

Thanks for coming Owen & Phoebe! It was so great to see you! Wish we had a little more time to spend together. I'm glad you got to see so many sights! Much love!