Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

I slept in on Sunday. I had a lot of partying the night before. Sunday morning we caught the bus over to the Golden Gate Park to meet my cousin Taylor at the Conservatory of Flowers.

Where the flowers?
When we got there, the flowers were not too impressive

Taylor and I played in the best playground ever, but daddy was too busy to take pictures.

After playing, we walked over to dim sum with Aunty Thida and Uncle Matt.

Phoebe stretching out for nap during brunch
Aki puts the rest in restaurant

After dim sum came walking time. Baby Emma likes to be walked to sleep. I fell asleep too! We stopped in the arboretum in the Golden Gate Park to sleep. It was a beautiful place for a nap.

Lemon Bottlebrush opening again
Lemon bottlebrush flowers blooming

Pretty soon we both woke up so it was on for more eating.

Peasant Pies
We had some sweet and savory pies here. I had a yummy blueberry pear pie!

That evening we met up to eat with Baby Emma and her parents again, this time for crabby! All the grownups, even daddy, loved it! I had a lot too. If you ask me about it now, I still remember how good it was!

Salt and pepper fried crab (picture from mswine)

Uncle Dan and Aunty Linda with Emma
Who you looking at, Aki?

We had a great Sunday, full of food and park time. My kind of day!

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