Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday in Roslindale, the ICA and Ellie's

On Saturday we had a really busy day.

First off, a staring contest.

Staring contest. Phoebe won.
Phoebe won

Then we went out to the Roslindale Farmer's Market. It's even smaller than the Brookline one, but it was perfect!

Adams Park Farmer's Market
Award winning tomatoes. You can even see their trophies with the tomatoes on top!

Eating popcorn
I liked the kettle corn, even if it wasn't fresh

After the Farmer's Market we went to the ICA Playdate with Ronak. The special exhibit with Anish Kapoor was really amazing, and the photos on this website just don't do it justice.

Running with Ronak
More running with Ronak

But the best part was the bubble guy who did a show called Bubble Mania! It was awesome! Here's a video of him from the YouTube.

After nap time came another summertime party. We went to Ellie's house and Emmy and her mom and dad met us there.

Elly and Aki enjoying her blanket
Aki having tummy time with Ellie

Eating at the kids' table
Dinner at the kids table. You know this didn't last long.

Dropping back for the pass
Dropping back for a pass after dinner

Running around in Elly's house
Running around in Ellie's house!

I love parties, bubbles, farmer's markets, and staring contests!

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