Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Farmer's Market and Houghton's Pond

Last week mommy took us to the Farmer's Market here. I thought it was going to be like the one in San Francisco, but not so much. I guess maybe because it's only been warm for a couple of months now...

Brookline Farmer's Market
You can buy lots of lettuce and one tomato

Strawberries on my shirt
At least the strawberries were juicy. All over my shirt!

On Friday we went out the beach. First we had to hike through the forest.

Owen in the forest
Are we there yet?

Houghton's Pond beach
Wait, that beach is right where we parked!

Finally we got back to the beach. There was lots of sand on the top, but in the water it was all mud!

Wading in Houghton's Pond
Wading in the pond

At least the water was warm! We sat and splashed and then I took a little swim, courtesy of daddy's arms. Too bad they don't allow you to bring your mask and fins! We'll have to wait for Hawaii for that!

Later after I woke up from nap, we went to my book club. I think the topic was eating popsicles and running in the dirt. At least, that's what I did.

Children's Book Club
Waiting for the popsicles and running

Triops has three eyes
I made a face with my pancake. I call it “Triops has three eyes” in honor of my favorite song.

What a great Friday I had! Of course, I only remember the popsicle, but it was still fun!

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