Sunday, June 29, 2008

Strawberry Picking

On Friday daddy didn't have to go into work so we went strawberry picking. I thought they just came from the store!

I pick this one
I found one!

Is this a strawberry?
Is this a strawberry?

We finally figured out which ones to pick and started filling up our basket.

Some of our loot
Some of our loot

We ended up picking 8 pounds of strawberries! They were yummy.

After laboring in the fields, it was time for fun. We went to the playground (or as I say, "the poyk") and petted some goats.

Where should we drive this?
We should get one of these for the house!

Feeding the goats
Feeding the goats. Their tongues were rough.

When we came back we had to drop daddy off at work for a little bit. We went to the Rose Garden to play.

At the Rose Garden
Driving again

Pretty soon though, the thunder started and everyone split. We drove to get daddy through the pouring rain, and then when daddy got in the car, he was wet like when I take a bath! The car is still wet inside from his wet pants!

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