Thursday, June 05, 2008

Last Day in SFO

Memorial Day was our last day in the SFO. After wandering around Chinatown searching for a place that was open for breakfast, we made our way back down to the Ferry Building and had tasty breads from one of the long line places at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Afterwards mommy and Aki went back to the hotel to pack while the boys played some more.

We walked over to see the big fountain. You can walk all around it, through it, and on top of it!

Vaillancourt Fountain
Hanging out in front of the Vaillancourt Fountain (Qu├ębec libre !)

It is high up here
It is high up here

Sitting on the Vaillancourt Fountain
I liked the stairs because they were just grates and it looks like you're walking on air

We were going to walk back to the hotel, but then the cable car was right there. What's a trip to San Francisco without riding on one of these open air, no car seat, no seat belt trains?

On the cable car, California line
Waiting for the cable car to take us back to the hotel

After cable car we went on BART to the airport and then on airplane to Boston. We had such a fun time in San Francisco, and we got to do a lot in just a few days! Chinatown, fun at the Exploratorium, seeing and meeting lots of friends, and taking lots of buses and trains. I hope we get to go back again soon! Bye SFO!

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