Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ronak and a Grad Party

Last Saturday Daddy worked so me and Ronak met up to hang out. We were going to go to the Public Garden, but we ended up going to a different kind of garden. This one was 8 stories above the ground at Ronak's daddy's work.

Playing in the garden 8 stories above the street
We threw rocks in the fountain

Leaning over the fountain
Leaning closer...

We got wet so we needed to change
Oops, got too close. Had to change clothes...

Where's our clothes?
We checked out the aliens that landed on the bench

Running after Ronak
Then some running off our lunch!

After Daddy finished work we went to pick him up and brought him to a graduation for one of his work friends.

Blowing in the wrong end of the nosiemaker
Party time! Which end do you blow?

Horsey ride!
We played horsey ride. This is daddy's research mentor's son that I'm clinging to.

Lollipop at the graduation party
Afterwards, there was a pinata and I got this lollipop. This is all I could remember of the party...

It was a fun Saturday--I think... Where's the rest of my lollipop?

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