Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day and Brookline Flag Day

Sunday was Father's Day. So we celebrated by making daddy run another race. This made 3 races in 22 days. That's a lot of running, daddy. Time to rest yet?

This was the Brookline Flag Day 5K. I thought it was Father's Day? Anyway we did this last year, and it was fun then too.

Watching the hat man sing
Mike the Hat Man gave us a show again. I got his card for my wallet again.

The hat man gave me this hat mask
Then the hat man made me this hat, which I figured could be used as a mask too

After the race, we went to have pizza and watch the parade.

Daddy and Aki
It's Aki's first Father's Day

Bicycle committee member
Brookline Bicycle Committee member

Watching the parade go by
"Watching" the parade go by

That's a big snowplow
That's a big snowplow!

"Beat LA" crazy Boston fans
Our neighbors were yelling "Beat L.A." to everyone who passed us by. People liked them.

My favorite part of the parade: lollipops!
Someone threw us some lollipops. This is all I could remember from the parade.

Happy Father's Day, daddy! It was the best Flag/Father's Day ever!

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