Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cornucopia of Updates

Has it been another week already? Ok, here is some catching up from the last week...

Aki is happy to face out
Aki is happy that she can face out in the Bjorn

Daddy went for another race, and this time we had our own party afterwards...

Playing on the mound
Digging for dino bones in the pitching mound

I had a playdate with at my friend Julia's house.

Playdate with Julia
You can see her kanji poster next to the AC

I found a real guitar!
Her brother has a real guitar! I am pretending to be my new hero Raffi.

On Friday we went to a birthday party for Ellie. She's finally 2.

And she had a cake
I don't count so good but I think there are more than 2 candles on that cake

I had a cupcake
I had a cupcake. I avoided sticking my fork into the conveniently located outlet.

Last week was fun. This week has been fun too, but I'm tired now. More tomorrow.

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