Monday, June 02, 2008

Chinatown and the Exploratorium

On Friday I woke up early. Not quite as early as in Hawaii, but let's just say early.

Street view
So early, walking around Chinatown looked like this

Kite shop
So early, the kite shop wasn't open yet

Sliding down the slide in Portsmouth Square
So early, I had the playground all to myself

Except that there were dozens of old Chinese people doing their exercises there. When Aki pooped out of her diaper onto daddy and the ground, they gathered around us, talking in Chinese, laughing and pointing. Ok, so I didn't wake up early enough to avoid that.

Still Chinatown was really cool...

Signs in the window of Chinese labor agency
Chinese job board. Anyone want to work for a Chinese restaurant in Orlando, Florida? Room and board included!

Chineseified little girl mannequin
Instant "Chinese" mannequin. All you need is black spray paint!

We went to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. It was already open, churning out the fortune cookies. They were yummy! This lady gave them to us hot off the press!

The folder
She was actually very friendly, although those things are probably really hot

It's small inside
It was a small place

Fortune cookies making machine
Cool fortune cookie machine

After we got back, Aunty Melissa met up with us and we caught the bus across town to the Exploratorium. This is like the Museum of Science, only way cooler. Actually it's much more like the Discovery Museum, only bigger.

Make a rockslide
Making a rockslide like in my George-makes-a-rockslide-and-discovers-a-giant-dino-skeleton book

Big chair
Now this is a big boy chair

Playing the pentatonic marimba
Playing the pentatonic marimba

After not getting any gelato because I fell asleep, we caught the bus back across town. Mommy almost had a stroke getting the stroller off the bus in Chinatown. Apparently people in San Francisco use whatever door they want to get on the bus, but especially the nice, big and free back door. And when there are dozens of Chinese people waiting to get on the bus, they don't wait for big strollers to get off. We'll just leave it at that.

At Union Square we saw a dance group called the AscenDance Project.

Jungle gym looks like fun
This "jungle gym" looks fun! How come there are no jungle gyms in Boston?

More AscenDance
Then they started climbing up these walls with just their hands and feet!

I am entranced
I was enthralled

Day 2, another day of fun! I could get used to this!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny I saw them working out at one of the Gold's gyms in Boston. Those guys are amazing.