Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Day 1: Boston to Easton, PA

Ok, so we are on the road, but that doesn't mean that we've caught up with all of our stuff that we've been doing. I would write about it all, like our trip to the Stone Zoo, packing up and clearing out everything, our last StrollerFit class, but I don't have the time to do it all.

I do want to mention the surprise farewell BBQ that Emerson and her parents had for us. It was the greatest party ever! We thought it was just going to be her family and Ellie's family, but when we came around the corner into their back yard, lots of other people were there too! A few of the pictures are here, but here's one that I especially liked from the party.

Owen and Emerson
See you in October!

Ok, back to today... This morning Ronak had to go to school so we all got up and had his daddy's favorite chocolate chip pancakes.

Last band practice for a while
Then we had our last band practice for a while...

Owen and Ronak scribbling in their favorite colors
And our last cooperative art project...

See you again hug
And hug...

After our great but short stay with the Sheths
Thanks to the Sheths for putting us up on the first night of our road trip! We miss you already! See you on the Internets!

Then it was time for the drive to really begin.

Owen on Day 1
Here I am somewhere in Massachusetts

We stopped for lunch in New Haven. Mommy and daddy found a great park for us to play in and Uncle James, daddy's college roommate, took time out from his very busy schedule to have pizza with us.

Mike and James at Yale
Back at Yale

A few hours later and one missed turn that led us to drive across 34th Street in midtown Manhattan, we ended up at our hotel in Easton, Pennsylvania. Tomorrow... Crayon factory!


Uncle Jeff said...

That ukulele picture is great...because there appears to be a random hand but then you see Aki in the mirror.

Owen, I hope you are keeping everybody entertained during the road trip with your ukulele.

Jen said...

i love how mike's wearing his harvard shirt at yale!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe drive. Can't wait to see you guys soon in Nawlins. Love, Uyen & Oli