Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day 8: Montgomery to Luling, LA

Today was another big driving day, but it actually went pretty fast. We left Montgomery right after breakfast and rolled into Luling in the middle of the afternoon. The only big break was when me and Aki had words outside of Mobile and mommy and daddy stopped to car to take us to an early lunch.

Cracker Barrel
Guess where?

Luling is where Aunty Goldie and Uncle Ron live. Aunty Goldie is Kung Kung's sister, and she is so much fun. She read us books and let us play with all her stuff.

Owen and Raccoon hat
Like this raccoon hat, which I am using as a microphone for my concert

Shrimp Boil
Aunty Goldie cooked us a big pot of shrimp for dinner. This was supposedly indescribably delicious, although Aki and I skipped the shrimp. I had the juice. Aki had soybeans grown in their garden.

After a few days of driving in a row, it's time to take a break from the road and hang out in one place for a little while. See everyone tomorrow!


Jen said...

i'm so curious - what does you and aki having words sounds like?

Ron said...

Uncle Ron and Auntie Goldie enjoyed having all of you as guests. Owen was adorable strumming his ukelele and singing his songs. Geaux Owen! Glad that Aki loved the soy beans and other foods. Next time we will have boiled crawfish!