Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Ok, so as promised, here's some of what Aki and I have been doing so far here in Hawaii.

It's hot here so lots of stuff we do is with water.

Aki filling up watering can
Aki filling up watering can in the garage

Owen having shave ice at Waiola's
Me having shave ice at Waiola's

Owen's first swim class
My first swim class. Here I am with my teacher Aunty Jana.

Owen's first swim class
Putting my eyes in the water. Daddy was shocked when I did this, but you know, I don't do this just for anyone...

Swim class for Aki
Aki's taking swim classes too, but mommy gets to go in with her

At San Souci
Here's mommy and sleeping Aki at the beach for Daddy's high school reunion

Of course, we can't spend every day in the water... Last weekend we went to a festival at the museum.

Train ride at Bishop Museum Family Sunday
It's just like the T!

Bouncy house
Bouncy house!

And yesterday we went to a concert with Jake Shimabukuro at the zoo! We had to sit really far away, so we spent the concert time just hanging out.

At the Jake concert
Trying on daddy's hat

Jake after concert
Later Jake signed autographs, but it was kind of late already so we just went home without getting him to sign my belly.

I'm also almost through my first week of school, and I'll post some more about that later!

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