Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 17: Flagstaff to Las Vegas, NV

Today we drove from Flagstaff to Las Vegas. There's lots to see along the way including super canyon views and driving over the big big Hoover Dam. Daddy got really excited because he got to see the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge being built. It's a pretty awesomely huge bridge going over the river, and the arch is almost done!

Bypass Bridge over Hoover Dam in progress
Bypass bridge in progress

Finally we got to Las Vegas. I've been to Las Vegas twice before, but both times I was still a baby inside mama. This time, it was a lot more scenic. The temperature was 40 degrees hotter than in Flagstaff. It was 115 degrees while we were driving up to the "Forum Shops". We had lunch inside and watched the scary scary show.

After lunch we went to have dinner with daddy's cousin Gregston and his family. I've never met them before, but we had fun rolling around on the floor with Brandon and swimming with Ashley at the pool after dinner.

Chings and Chus
At Sam Woo BBQ

One more day on the road!

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Anonymous said...

You guys went to Oliver's favorite Sam Woo Restaurant. lol lol lol Love, Uyen & Oliver