Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day 2: Easton to Philadelphia

Today we got to go to the fun Crayola Factory! Except for the fact that they don't really make all the crayons there, it was lots of fun.

With Tip the Crayon
This guy is the Crayon Tip, not my babysitter P'Tip. Apparently all Tips are fun.

Can I buy all of the green markers?
They gave us tokens to trade in for markers. I spent mine at this machine. I do like my green!

Aki doing Color magic drawing with mama
Aki and mama had a good time drawing

Owen doing Gyutaku
While I made a fish gyutaku print

Aki fingerpainting
Aki did some finger painting, but mostly it was dipping her hand into the paint and playing with the bowl

Aki loves peeking through holes
Aki loves looking through little holes

In the Crayola Store
We are showing our favorite colors.

After a short drive and a nice nap, we arrived in Philadephia. We went walking since it wasn't bedtime yet.

Fruits in Reading Terminal
Fruits in the Reading Terminal

Bus back to Chestnut Hill
We saw the bus back to Chestnut Hill. I wonder how much that ride costs?

Owen riding on the dragon
I got to ride on a dragon in the park

Daddy, come down!
Climb on the jungle gym

Ruth and Nan in Franklin Square
And we met up with mama's friend Ruth from high school and her husband Bodie

The only disappointment of the day was that our hotel tonight doesn't have a pool. Oh, also, my parents wouldn't buy me Swedish fish at the market right before dinner. But, all in all, so far so good! Tomorrow DC and Emma!

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