Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 13: Dallas to Amarillo, TX

There's not so much to write about today. We drove from Dallas to Amarillo, mostly on US-287.

This is what the road looked like:

On US-287 in Texas
Grain elevators/Space ships

On US-287 in Texas
Hay bales

We also saw grass, long trains, Wal-Marts, and black cows hiding from the sun under trees.

When we got to Amarillo, we checked into our hotel and Aki went swimming with daddy. I watched Bee Movie with mommy on the hotel TV since she had driven 4 hours and wanted to take a nap.

Dinner was at El Bracero, and it was yummy! I had nachos. Only I liked the chips without the cheese on them. After dinner daddy took me swimming in the pool, and then we watched daddy's favorite baseball players on TV hitting home runs. It was a pretty good day. Tomorrow: Santa Fe!

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