Saturday, July 04, 2009

Day 4: DC continued

Day 4 of our road trip was a national holiday so instead of driving hours down the road, we hung out with Emma and her parents one more day! We had lots of fun not driving.

Owen holding hands with Emma
We walked to the park with Emma

Going down!
Aki stretched her legs out

McLean Central Park
And looked through this window

Serious conducting
I am the no-nonsense train conductor. You better have a ticket, or else!

I like shrimp chips
For lunch, we went to yummy Vietnamese food. Here's Aki munching on a shrimp chip.

When we got back to the house, we went swimming in Emma's pool. I love swimming!

Then it was time for dinner. Uncle Dan cooked up a feast and a half!

Uncle Dan's delicious spread
Some of Uncle Dan's festival of meats

After everything was cleaned up and put away, we got ready to drive out to see some fireworks at the local high school.

Who's that outside the door?
We had to check to make sure all the doors were locked. There was someone outside! Oh, wait, it's just Aunty Linda...

Of course, fireworks are late out here on the East Coast so I went to sleep before the fireworks started.

Crowd at Langley High School
I missed the giant crowd

Aki and Uncle Dan
and Aki commandeering Uncle Dan's lap

I woke up just in time for the fireworks. They were really loud and I thought I was going to blow up! Of course, I didn't, and it was okay in the end because I was holding daddy's hand.

Fireworks at Langley High School-July 4, 2009
Really, they were actually pretty nice

Yay 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!

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