Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 16: Santa Fe to Flagstaff, AZ

Another day, another 6 hours in the car... Daddy says there's only two more days of driving, and I'm ready for some running around time!

Today we drove from Santa Fe to Arizona. This is apparently where all the trains in the country come. Why did I not know about this place before?

One of the many trains we saw today
We must have passed about 20 trains like this today. This one was pulling about 80 cars.

Crossing the Continental Divide
Daddy celebrated passing the "Continental Divide" by getting out of the car and posing us next to this sign.

Then it was on to the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National Park. I thought I was going to get to draw on some more things, but it turned out the desert was already painted enough.

View from Tawa Point
A little part of the view

Aki and mama at Pintado Point
Here's mama and Aki taking in the view

Ravens guarding the view
At another point, the ravens wouldn't let us go see the view. They got really mad when daddy got closer so we just left.

Down at a pueblo, there were more drawings on the rocks. This one seems to show a raven eating a baby, or maybe it's a stork with a baby.

The desert was just unbelievably pretty

Owen taking pictures with Aki's toy camera
I took some pictures with Aki's camera

Overlooking the Jasper Forest
Here's mommy and Aki checking out the view at the Jasper Forest

Owen running down the trail
Me running down past some huge petrified logs in the Rainbow Forest

Aki touching the petrified wood
Aki touching some rock wood.

One more city before we get to Ah Mah's house! We can't wait!

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Greg Dunn said...

beautiful!!!!love the dessert landscape