Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 11: Houston

It's been a few days since we put up some pictures so here's some catching up...

Visiting Auntie Goldie and Uncle Ron in Luling
Here we are with Aunty Goldie and Uncle Ron on the day we left Luling

Swinging in Ajji's back yard
Here's one from when we got to Ajji's house in Houston

Ok, that's all the catching up from Day 10. On Day 11, we stayed in Houston and had fun seeing the city.

Talking to Ronak on Ajji's computer
In the morning we talked with Ronak on Ajji's computer

Then we were off to the Children's Museum. We took lots of pictures--here are a just a couple of things we did.

Aki still fits in Bumbo
Aki got to sit in a Bumbo again

Owen with his purchases
And I went shopping for groceries. Fruit bars, orange juice, and an apple.

After the museum, we went back to Ajji's house so Aki could nap. Then it was on to dinner. We met up with daddy's friends from residency, Uncle Bill and Aunty Kavita. They treated us to Tex-Mex dinner and gelato. They were nice to me, but I was sleepy from all the fun at the museum, so I was not in such a great mood.

Dinner at Chuy's Houston
Dinner at Chuy's

Thanks for dinner, Uncle Bill and Aunty Kavita! We had a great time at the museum and eating out. I think Houston is a fun and tasty place!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Owen! I looks like I'm giving you a wedgie!
Uncle Bill

Greg Dunn said...

haha aki really likes the bumbo!