Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Days in Placentia

Our road trip is over now, and we've been resting at Ah Mah's house for a couple of days before we go to Hawaii. We've been trying to pack everything in to these last two days, so here is just a little of what we've done.

Like I said before, Ariel, Sydney and Aunty Cee were there for our sleepover the night we got to California. I love playing with them!

Ariel playing with Aki
Aki loves playing with them too. She didn't like this talking doll though.

The next day we went out to eat little packets of Chinese food with more family people.

At dim sum with Uncle Nicky and Aunty May
I got to see two more of my favorite family, Aunty May and Uncle Nicky.

That afternoon some of mommy and daddy's friends came over.

Owen eating dinner (Doritos)
I had cheesy triangle chips for dinner

Billy playing with Aki
Aki liked arm wrestling with Uncle Billy

Then today we drove to meet Uncle James and Aunty Linen for some playground time and lunch. We went to the coolest park in Torrance!

Owen and rocket-ship
I liked the space ships! Blast off!

Owen and doggy
Aunty Linen and Uncle James brought their doggies. I can't remember which one this is.

We had yummy Japanese food for lunch and went to play badminton!

Aunty May serving birdies to Owen
Aunty May is my favorite coach!

After dinner at Tokyo Table
For dinner we went to the place that daddy missed on our last trip when he missed his plane. Thanks, Uncle Don and Aunty Kim!

These years on the "mainland" have been so full of fun, family and friends who have become family now. We'll all miss each and everyone here, but tomorrow we take off for our new home in Hawaii! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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Jen said...

lol that's sammy! great to see you guys today, have a safe flight back!