Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 14: Amarillo to Santa Fe, NM

Today was a long driving day but we still had lots of fun.

The first stop was just a few miles down the road, where somebody had buried all these cars in the ground. Daddy said they were Cadillacs and the place is called Cadillac Ranch. He also said that we could go draw on them, which you usually can't do with artworks.

Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch

Owen using sharpie
Tagging these cars

Then we drove 5 hours down the road to a New Mexico. I haven't been to the other Mexico, but this one is pretty neat. The first place we stopped was the Pecos National Historical Park. They have lots of ruins and things to run around in.

Ruins of old Spanish church
An old Spanish church

Consulting the guide. Owen pointing off at something.
We could climb inside it and everything

Owen in kiva
They also had little rooms in the ground that you had to climb down ladders to get into.

After the Pecos place we went to check in and then to the center of the town to see a concert. We sat in the middle of the town square and watched these people play really wonderful jazz music.

Cal Haines Trio with John Proulx and Bobby Shew
Cal Haines Trio with John Proulx and Bobby Shew

Owen playing along
I helped by playing my trumpet

Aki likes meeting people
Aki wandered around looking at people during the concert

Aki eating fry bread
We also ate dinner during the concert. Between looking at people, Aki gobbled fry bread too.

New Mexico is lots of fun. We're staying here a couple of days so I hope we'll have lots of fun tomorrow too!

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