Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 15: Santa Fe

Today we stayed around Santa Fe and went visiting some places up north. Actually, it was really only one place, but it was pretty cool! We went to visit the Bandelier National Monument, one of the places where the Pueblo people lived a long time ago.

Listening to the ranger tour
Here we are listening to the ranger's tour. Aki likes sitting on things.

Tuff caves
The native people dug caves into the mountainside to live in. They also built houses down on the valley floor. Then they all left like 400 years ago.

Pointing in the tuff
The mountain is very soft, so you can just poke holes in it. Here I am poking a hole in the mountain.

The ruins of the big village pueblo at Bandelier
A view of the buildings from up above

Cave dwelling at Bandelier
We got to climb into some of the cave dwellings

Mama helped me go down
Climbing down was harder

I can do it myself!
But climbing up was no problem!

Owen demonstrating the line between the smoked roof and the plaster walls
Some of the cave rooms were really big!

Prelude to meltdown
Later, because it was so hot, me and Aki had a treat: juice!

We drove back down the mountain to see some sculptures at a place called Shidoni.

Large giraffe
That's a nice giraffe. Can we get one? It's only $27,500. It would look nice in our front yard!

Galapagos Tortoise sculpture
How about a $17,000 Galapagos tortoise? I think we can get this one, daddy.


Whoa, are these going to fall on me?
This is something different. Same price though.

Running in the sculpture garden
I like sculpture gardens because you can run in them!

Finally we made it back into Santa Fe. After walking around a little, I fell asleep. Mommy, daddy, and Aki had dinner and woke me up when we got to the concert place again. This time it was little kids playing violins and cellos.

Suzuki players on the Santa Fe Plaza
They're from the Suzuki school. Like Ichiro Suzuki?

Free at last!
Aki was glad to mingle with the crowd

Aki feeding mama
And feed mama little corn dogs. Open wide!

We had lots of fun in Santa Fe. I hope we can come back again some day!

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