Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 9: Luling part deux

You might be wondering what happened to my post last night. My editor was up late talking story with Uncle Ron and Aunty Goldie so he didn't get a chance to work on my post. Sorry. In any case, hopefully I'll have done two by the end of today.

So yesterday, we didn't drive 6 hours. Instead we hung out in Louisiana and went sightseeing and visiting folks.

First stop was the swamp. Mommy and daddy liked it a lot. I thought it was too hot.

Boardwalk at Jean Lafitte
Boardwalk over the swamp

Big cypress
Cypress growing in the swamp

Owen checking out green frog
I checked out this little frog. There were lots of big green frogs in the water.

Golden silk spider
Daddy wasn't such a big fan of these spiders

Gatah hiding
Guji Guji was there

Then we came back to the nice air conditioned house and I took a long nap.

Aki's favorite toys
While I was napping, Aunty Goldie brought out the good stuff. Aki loved putting these on and taking them off and putting them on and taking them off...

Lobstah head
Daddy tried on Aunty Goldie's Mardi Gras hat

After my nap we drove into the city. We met up with Auntie Uyen and Uncle Oli. They took us to a great restaurant where Aki and I ate crackers.

Dinnertime at Mandina's!
"Eating" at Mandina's

Owen hiding from Oli
Afterwards we played outside and Uncle Oli tried to get me. Here I am hiding behind our bags.

Oli trying to get Aki to say his name
Uncle Oli tried really hard to get Aki to say his name. "Oli!" "Aaaahhhh-llllleeee!" No luck with the name, but he did get some nice smiles.

Thanks for a great trip Uncle Ron, Auntie Goldie, Uncle Oli and Auntie Uyen! Today we're off to Houston to visit more peeps. I hope we get out of the car at least once or twice!


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing the whole family!! We are going to miss you guys, but now have a great excuse to visit you in Hawaii. Love, Uyen & Oli

Jen said...

say hi to my hometown for me :)

Ron said...

You must return to the New Orleans area! There is much to see and do here. . . Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Insectarium, Children's Museum, plantation homes, steamboat rides, 5K, 10K, half marathons. . . races with real food, and a beer truck. "Laissez les bon temps rouler!" Love, Uncle and Auntie