Friday, July 03, 2009

Day 3: Philly to DC

Today we woke up early to go to the post office. Daddy had to do some mailing.

Aki walking down the longest post office hall
Here's Aki walking down the longest post office hallway in the world

Aki can push the stroller now
Aki pushed me down the hall. She needs to work on her steering.

After the mailing, we hustled out of the city so we could go have lunch with Emma and her parents, Uncle Dan and Aunty Linda. We went to a big duck restaurant that was very tasty. I like crispy fatty salty duck skin!

We went back to Emma's house so that she and Aki could nap. While they were sleeping Uncle Dan and mommy let me watch WALL-E on the TV.

Oooh... WALL-E is so clear
Ooooh... so clear... Why don't we have one of these?

Later, daddy and Uncle Dan disappeared to go watch a baseball game, while I took care of the ladies. We went out for pizzas. I'd write more but it's sleepy time now for everyone. Tomorrow, more DC!

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