Monday, March 06, 2006

Dos meses

This is how I stand All greased up
Today I turned two months! I can support my weight with some help now. If mommy or daddy holds me under my armpits, I can stand for a minute or so before my legs get tired and I have to sit down.

Because I am also more alert, I am trying to reach for things. In this video, I'm trying to get my toys from my mobile, but I'm not quite coordinated enough yet to make my arm move where I want it.

I would have taken some pictures, except the festivities were pretty muted with the rain and all. Daddy said we're going to celebrate by going to my doctor's office on Wednesday. I'm going to get my "shots", which I take to mean they're something like getting your picture taken. I'll let you know how these "shots" go.

This evening, after dinner, Mommy was using the computer for something so while we waited to blog, Daddy was watching some Spanish soap operas on the TV and explaining to me what was going on. I couldn't see them because they were too far away, but I think I'm learning Spanish too!

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Una Bruno said...

Hi Owen! Happy 2 months old to you, too. It's great how we're so close to the same age. I hope our mommies get together soon. I want to meet you! It looks like you do so many fun things these days, like reading those Thai books and standing up and reaching out for your mobile. I'm so impressed! I haven't tried standing up yet - I'll ask my mom to do that with me tomorrow. Today I did something that made mommy cry though. I laughed! My mom asked me to ask your mom if she can get together this friday - or next tuesday or thursday?